HGH Treatment

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What is Human Growth Hormone?

Human growth hormone (HGH) is a natural hormone produced by pituitary gland which is responsible for the normal development of organs and tissues in human beings.

Human growth hormone is considered as master hormone which controls many organs, body functions, and brain functions. It stimulates the growth of cells, muscles and controls the obese in adults. As human grows older the secretion of human growth hormones fall gradually with the age, it is fact that this hormone production is adequate till 30 years age from the childhood after that due to lesser amount of secretion of growth hormones human growth hormone deficiency abnormalities arises in adults and in children’s case because of genetic abnormalities may lead to stop there growth because of insufficient human growth hormones also comes under the human growth hormones deficiency.

Symptoms of abnormalities from human growth hormone deficiency are poor sleep, an increase in visceral lipids and fats, fatigue, psychological problems and a decrease in the strength of the muscle and bone.

Some effects of Human Growth Hormone deficiency:

• Decreased immune system.
• Decreased muscle mass and muscle strength.
• Decreased stamina.
• Increased risk of cardiovascular disease.
• Increased wrinkling of skin.
• Reduced metabolic rate.
• Blood pressure.
• Diabetes.
• Sexual problems

According to the researchers and medical practitioners till the puberty the HGH secretion is 80%, it is optimum level and after that it will reduce gradually to 20% at 60 years which creates the abnormalities. This is the reason anti-aging, skin wrinkling, hair loss and many more.

To over come from the causes occurred by HGH deficiencies it is always preferred to have high protein contained food, good sleep, regular work outs like gymnasium, yoga etc.., to avoid the abnormalities.

As in early 1981, the new American corporation Genetech after collaboration with KABI developed a recombinant human growth hormone (rHGH) made by new technology (called recombinant DNA) in which human genes were inserted into human bacteria so that they can produce unlimited proteins.

HGH Treatment options:

Replacing the growth hormones in human body by regular shot intervals such as daily basis is the best treatment to human growth hormone development in both adults and children.

For children:

Normally HGH deficiency is the result of lack of protein molecules and it can be treated by injecting the recombinant DNA (rHGH) into subcutaneous tissue or muscle to get it into the blood. The painless insulin syringes are used. After the treatment deficient child will grow at faster rate when compared before the treatment is started. Human growth hormone strengthens the bones, increases the muscle mass and reduces the amount of body fat by increasing metabolism in the result weight loss is observed even though they grow taller. So this type of therapy should be conducted by the certified medical practitioners after complete evaluation is done.

For adults:

Generally adults go under these treatments for anti-aging by improving muscle mass, improving bone density, gain the wrinkle free skin, reducing the hair loss and to cure the obesity problems by losing the weight and burning the bad cholesterol in return stamina increases and reduces the cardio related problems.

Types of Treatments:

There are many types of treatments to cure the HGH deficiency, here are most successful and preferred treatments.

Human growth hormone Injections:

This treatment includes the process of injecting the large amount of synthetic and foreign hormones for human growth into the human bodies to match the optimum levels for well being. This type of treatment should be prescribed by the doctors and medical practitioners only. It is expensive than other options.

Human Growth Hormone Secretagogue:

In this treatment small amount of HGH is induced into the human body to stimulate the natural HGH production. It is Homeopathic medicine and doesn’t require the doctor’s prescription.

Human Growth Hormone Releasers:

Releasers are amino acids multi- vitamin providing building blocks of 191 amino acids in growth hormones. As these are the HGH components, body requires taking the blocks and converting into HGH. These are cheapest HGH available in markets without any doctor prescription.

Recommended HGH products:

Highly used HGH products and supplements and are the top players in the markets are

Sytropin: It contains no artificial ingredients and no steroids or medications. It can be used with out any prescriptions. In spite of injections it is an oral spray. And it is considered as supplement not as medicine.

Gen f20: This is one type of supplement used for HGH development which allows boosting HGH by intake of capsules.

HGH energizer: It contains a specific combination of amino acids and other nutrients that naturally stimulate the release of your body’s own HGH. This product is in pills format and it requires no doctors prescription

Recommended HGH Products

1. Sytropin    best hgh product rating
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